BMW could have a 2024 M4 CS model in the works

Enthusiasts and automotive sleuths have sparked discussions and speculation about the potential production of a CS version for the G82 M4 in 2024.

Image: BMW

It’s important to note that, as of the publication of this article, BMW has not officially confirmed the development of a CS variant. However, a thread on Bimmerpost, known for leaking reliable information in the past, included a list outlining purported plans for various BMW models, including the G82 M4.

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The list mentioned a higher-strung CS-badged M4 model, supposedly scheduled for production in the third quarter of next year and expected to continue until the second quarter of 2025.

Furthermore, it outlined the model’s lifecycle, indicating that it would undergo a Life Cycle Impulse (LCI) in the first quarter of the following year and conclude in 2028.

If the speculation is accurate, the rumoured M4 CS would likely be comparable to the recently unveiled BMW M3 CS. According to the forum thread, notable differentiating features would include the omission of two doors from the M3’s four-doors and a redesigned headlight array. In terms of performance, an increase in power from 375 kW to approximately 400 kW is highly likely.

Additionally, there may be several weight-saving efforts implemented, although they might not be as extreme as the reduction tactics seen in the M4 CSL. Nevertheless, the CS version is expected to be noticeably lighter than the standard M4.

Image: BMW

Previous iterations of Competition Sport models from BMW, such as the M4 CS and the current M3 CS, featured several model-exclusive components, including a different roof, bonnet, rear spoiler, and even redesigned shift paddles. It is likely that the speculated M4 CS would follow a similar path, incorporating unique design elements and performance enhancements.

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Adding to the intrigue, BMW M CEO Frank van Meel hinted at the possibility of introducing a CS-badged M4 in the new generational lineup during the previous year. This statement, coupled with the leaked information, has fueled further anticipation among BMW enthusiasts.

Image: BMW

While it’s important to note that these details are based on speculation and unconfirmed sources, the discussions surrounding the potential hardcore version for the G82 M4 in 2024 have generated excitement within the automotive community. As with any speculation, it’s advisable to await official announcements from BMW to confirm these developments.


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