Classic Car Show to grace Nasrec in July

The 11th edition of the Classic Car Show will go ahead in early July at the Nasrec Expo Centre and promises to be a remarkable event for classic car enthusiasts and spectators alike.

Classic Car Show
Image: Classic Car Show

With a burgeoning number of entrants in the 2022 event of the show, measures have been taken to accommodate the growing number of cars that are on display.

“We’ve made new entrances for the owners of the older classic cars for this year’s show. Ever since I’ve started running this event, queues of cars has always been a challenge. So we have now made Gates 6, 7 and 8 as the official entry portals for the older classic cars. We have also increased the area for classics, and this has been necessary because the Japan versus Germany section which runs at the show, has drawn more and more numbers .” says Paulo Calisto, event organiser.

One of the highlights of The Classic Car Show is the variety present for spectators to enjoy, with a mixture of old, new, rare and bespoke. The show features a mix of genteel British classics and bold American muscle cars, creating an exciting juxtaposition for spectators to appreciate the beauty and value of each classic vehicle. The venue may have pockets of specific car models, such as a gathering of Volkswagen Beetles, but unexpected surprises like an unsuspecting Mini crashing the German air-cooled party are welcomed.

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The show demonstrates the diverse range of classic cars found in South Africa, with contributions from countries like America, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Australia. Over the years, Japan has also made a significant impact on the market with brands like Datsun (later Nissan), Toyota, and Mazda, while Korean cars from Hyundai and Kia are on their way to becoming modern classics.

Image: Classic Car Show

A locally loved motorshow theme is that of Japan versus Germany and the Classic Car Show at Nasrec will have its own segment as a reflection of the growing popularity. Modified Volkswagen Golfs, Polos, Toyota RSis, Honda Civics, BMWs, and Mercedes-Benzes can be found in this section, demonstrating the continued interest in the petrol-head culture by younger members of the community. The show offers a diverse range of cars, including supercars, hot rods, muscle cars, and custom pick-up trucks, along with food, musical entertainment, play areas for children, helicopter rides, and drifting at the Nasrec skid pan.

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The Classic Car Show opens to the public at 8 am and concludes at 4 pm on July 9, 2023. Drivers of classic cars and Japan versus German examples can enter as exhibitors for free. Ticket prices at the gate are R100 for adults and R30 for children under 12, while discounted tickets are available through Computicket. Secure parking is available for spectators at R30.

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