Eclipse Cross gets Mitsubishi’s Ralliart treatment for local market

Part of Mitsubishi’s conclusive display at the Nampo expo in the Free State is the Eclipse Cross, which has been given iconic Ralliart treatment to give it a more sporty appeal to prospective buyers.

Image: Mitsubishi

Evoking a sense of nostalgia, Mitsubishi has employed its long-lasting relationship with Ralliart to reintroduce its Eclipse Cross as a more sporty option in the bustling SUV segment. No stranger to high-performance, off-roading icons – Ralliart evolved from the dunes of the Dakar rally to the titillating terrains of the World Rally Championship, finding the most success in the era of yore with the Lancer Evolution Rally.

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The Eclipse Cross Ralliart serves as not only a reminder of this motorsport pedigree but as a showcase of the accessorising capabilities available to the model lineup. Equipped with a conclusive number of visual upgrades from the Ralliart catalogue, the Eclipse Cross now comes with a Ralliart body kit which includes a front diffuser, side extensions, rear diffuser and tailgate spoiler finished in red. The Japanese SUV sits on 18-inch alloy wheels which have been finished in black while Ralliart decals line the extremities of the car as a graphics package. All of these additions to the Eclipse Cross are available through a Ralliart catalogue for buyers of the model.

“Mitsubishi Motors South Africa are on the brink of an aggressive product rollout and are using the 2023 Nampo Harvest Day to showcase four new models, all unique in their own right and appealing to enthusiasts in various model segments, and over the next 12 months we anticipate to launch 10 new additions to our range,” concludes Allison.

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