Ferrari 296 being recalled in USA amidst potential fuel leak

Ferrari North America has recently issued a safety recall for specific 2022-2023 Ferrari 296 models due to a potential fuel system problem. The recall aims to address a potential fuel leak caused by unintended contact between the fuel tank connecting pipe and the high-voltage battery protection cover.

Image: Ferrari

The recall affects a total of 425 units of the Ferrari 296 vehicles but it should be noted that no mention of whether this includes the units in South Africa. During internal inspections, Ferrari discovered that the aluminium fuel tank connecting pipe could unintentionally come into contact with the high-voltage battery protection cover, which is constructed with glass fibres and inox steel. This unintended contact could lead to corrosion of the fuel tank connecting pipe, posing a risk of fuel leakage.

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Ferrari has advised owners not to operate their vehicles until the necessary repairs have been completed. Fuel leaks are hazardous, as they can potentially result in a fire if exposed to ignition sources. To ensure the safety of vehicle occupants and prevent any accidents, affected owners must heed this advice and take immediate action.

Ferrari dealerships will rectify the issue by installing a new fuel tank connecting pipe that is reinforced with a protective sleeve. This repair will be conducted free of charge for affected vehicle owners.

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Image: Ferrari

The voluntary recall of certain 2022-2023 Ferrari 296 vehicles underscores Ferrari’s dedication to addressing potential issues promptly. Owners should refrain from driving their vehicles until the necessary repairs have been carried out to eliminate the risk of fuel leaks. By taking swift action and providing a free remedy, Ferrari aims to prioritize customer safety and maintain its reputation for delivering high-performance vehicles that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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