Ferrari has enough orders for production to last until 2025

Ask a child to draw a car and they will draw it red. Well, those children have grown up and are now in the market for a new Ferrari since the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer has achieved a significant milestone by securing enough orders to meet its production targets until the year 2025.

Image: Ferrari

This accomplishment not only highlights the enduring appeal of the Ferrari brand but also demonstrates the continued demand for their high-performance vehicles despite challenges faced by the ever-evolving automotive world.

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The significant number of orders received by Ferrari is a testament to their commitment to excellence in design, performance, and craftsmanship. The brand’s reputation for creating exceptional vehicles, imbued with cutting-edge technology and iconic styling, continues to captivate car enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

The Italian automaker enjoyed an all-time annual sales record in 2022 with 13 221 units coming out of the Maranello facility however the first quarter of 2023 has already seen a massive 10% increase in numbers. This is partly courtesy of the highly popular Purosangue “Ferrari Utility Vehicle” which had full order books shortly after it became available to prospective buyers.

Image: Ferrari

By securing a robust order book until 2025, Ferrari can confidently plan and prepare for production, ensuring that their vehicles meet the high standards and expectations associated with the prestigious name of “Il Commendatore” Enzo Ferrari. This achievement also allows the company to strategize its manufacturing processes, supply chain management, and delivery schedules, ensuring timely delivery to its valued customers.

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The news of Ferrari’s order success comes at a time when the automotive industry is undergoing significant transformation, with a shift towards electric and sustainable mobility. Ferrari has demonstrated its commitment to adapting and thriving in this evolving landscape, as evidenced by their introduction of hybrid models and their plans to launch their first all-electric vehicle in the near future. The best news is that Ferrari isn’t giving up on internal combustion engines either and will continue working on the sonorous technology into the future.

This is a core aspect of Ferrari’s ability to attract strong demand for their vehicles since EV sports cars are often regarded as soundless and soulless despite breakneck acceleration and handling.

Image: Ferrari

As Ferrari moves forward with their production plans for 2025, enthusiasts and customers eagerly await the opportunity to experience the exceptional performance and craftsmanship synonymous with the Ferrari brand. The company’s continued success in securing orders underscores its position as a premier luxury automaker and sets the stage for an exciting future as they embrace innovation while staying true to their heritage.

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While new Ferraris will continue to roll off of the production line in voluminous numbers until 2025, there is a wide range of used and new models wearing the Prancing Horse badge available on the CARmag listings platform. Browse here.


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