Ferrari isn’t giving up on ICE despite massive industry shift

The automotive world is going electric – unrelenting headlines that bombard news readers. While Ferrari is committed to reducing its carbon footprint with the new form of technology, the famed Italian automaker will continue to invest in ICE which could live past 2035.

Image: Ferrari

Ferrari needs no introduction. Producers of some of the most sonorous V8 and V12 models of yore spanning all the way to the current day. This legacy, intrinsically intertwined with the Prancing Horse will not be given up on after all. The Italian automaker has made a bold and steadfast commitment to internal combustion engines (ICE) amidst the automotive industry’s increasing shift towards electrification. Despite the growing popularity of electric and hybrid vehicles, Ferrari believes that ICE engines continue to hold significant value and play a crucial role in delivering the unparalleled driving experience that enthusiasts and Ferraristi crave.

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These qualities which have defined the brand for decades will be central to appeasing buyers in the future. The company understands that for many automotive enthusiasts, the sound, power, and character of a traditional ICE are integral to the emotional connection they have with their vehicles. Logically, the Italian automaker has stated that it believes that ICE engines possess a unique charm and deliver a visceral experience that cannot be replicated by electric powertrains.

Image: Ferrari

While Ferrari recognizes the need to embrace sustainable mobility, the company remains committed to refining ICE technology to make it more efficient, cleaner, and environmentally friendly. With new legislation, there is a high possibility that carbon neutral fuels can continue powering new ICE models beyond 2035. This commitment aligns with global efforts to mitigate the environmental impact of internal combustion engines and meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

“The discussion that was happening a few weeks ago about the adoption of e-fuel; I thought that this would happen in 2025 or 2026,” said Vigna. “This is very good for us because you can run a car with fuel that is neutral. I think that the two are very much compatible, and this is a reinforcement of our strategy.” Ferrari CEO, Benedetto Vigna.

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Ferrari’s commitment to ICE engines reflects their unwavering dedication to their customers, preserving the brand’s legacy, and delivering on the promise of providing an unrivalled driving experience. By investing in the refinement of ICE technology, Ferrari is determined to demonstrate that traditional engines can coexist with the latest advancements in sustainable mobility, ensuring the continued allure of their vehicles to passionate automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

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While new Ferraris will continue to roll off of the production line in voluminous numbers until 2025, there is a wide range of used and new models wearing the Prancing Horse badge available on the CARmag listings platform. Browse here.


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