Lotus Type 133 promises to be high-strung Taycan rival

Slated for a reveal sometime this year, Type 133 test mules have already been spotted in the wild. This is what we know about Lotus Tayran Rival; codenamed the Type 133.

Type 133In 2021, Lotus announced that in the coming years, it would bolster its electric vehicle range, with the first drop of blood in the water being the firm’s first electric SUV, the Eletre (formerly known as the Type 132), which debuted last year. The next electrified offering to grace the automotive world will be the Type 133, which will take shape as a four-door sedan. This will be the brand’s only four-door performance-oriented sedan to roll off Lotus’ production line since the Carlton.

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Technical specifications for the upcoming performance saloon are few and far between, but the Eletre serves as the perfect yardstick to speculate on how high-strung the sedan may be. The Type 133 will likely retain the 112 kw/h battery found in the Eletre, which could theoretically give it a driving range of up to 600 km. Additionally, the sedan will most definitely inherit the Eletre’s 800-volt high-speed charging system affording the sedan the ability to regenerate power from 10% to 80% in twenty minutes.

Founded on many of the same components shared in the firm’s hyper-electric SUV, the Type 133 may very well be endowed with the same performance capabilities as the Eletre R whose athleticism is characterised by its sub-three second 0 km/h to 100 km/h sprint time and total power output of 675 kW by way of a dual motor powertrain configuration. A press release published in 2021 promises that the upcoming performance saloon will be the most luxurious offering of the firm’s blossoming electric range and will be introduced as an e-segment contender which would prop it up against segment leaders like Porsche’s Taycan or the Polestar 2.

Type 133
Image: Motor1

In an interview with Autocar, Lotus commercial chief, Mike Johnstone had the following to say about the EV sedan “ We’ve got several key things we’ve taken from the Eletre you’ll see (in Type 133), which will give us a good point of differentiation.”

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The exterior of the car, although clad in obtrusive test-mule camouflage, borrows many styling cues from the higher-riding Eletre. Test mules have showcased several systems and features found in the Eletre, such as rear-wheel steering, active aero elements and air suspension, to name a few.

While the Lotus may not be available on local shores, Porsche’s Taycan is – browse for your next one here with CARmag.


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